Communication with navigation

Communication with navigation

Additional time and cost savings

WEBDISPATCHING is able to communicate directly with onboard navigation in the driver's vehicle, and in either direction.

  • A driver can send different status reports and text messages from the navigation screen, saving you the cost of telecommunications
  • You can send text messages to the driver's navigation screen, again saving you the cost of telecommunications as well as saving you time, since you can manage your fleet and communicate with a driver directly from the application without having to "raise your hands from the keyboard"
  • You can directly send destination coordinates that should be reached and this destination appears in navigation as a hotspot, again saving you the cost of telecommunications and time, too.

How does it work in practice?

garmin 01
In this way the driver can see the navigation screen. Selecting "Align" brings you to the menu for communicating with WEBDISPATCHING

garmin 02
Information about current position also shows the nearest destination and gives the distance from WEBDISPATCHING.

garmin 03
The text message a driver receives from WEBDISPATCHING includes the exact location and detailed instructions about what the driver is to do.

garmin 04
The route you have planned in WEBDISPATCHING can be simply sent to the driver's navigation. The driver indicates in sequence the destinations he or she has already visited.

garmin 05
All information from the driver's navigation is immediately transferred to WEBDISPATCHING.