Driving style

Driving style

Application DRIVING STYLE is an application for analyzing your drivers’ driving style, showing you where mistakes are most often made while they drive. It also recommends basic rules for smooth, safe and economic driving.

Changing driver behavior lets drivers avoid crisis situations and fundamentally impacts a vehicle’s consumption. Data from a three-axle GPS unit accelerometer are primarily used to assess style. These data are also available in the Webdispatching Internet application. This lets users log onto DRIVING STYLE the same way as with the Webdispatching application.

Driving Style application functions

  • Aggressive starting
  • Unsafe braking
  • Dangerous cornering
  • Unstable driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Short-term and long-term assessments
  • View events on a map
  • Statistics

Jízdní styl Jízdní styl

The application grades the intensity of errors just like in school, so the worst mark is “5”. Assessments can also be calculated in decimals for a more precise scale.

The application lets drivers compare their driving style in different categories, monitor their improvement and displays where specific “offenses” took place.

Drivers can read through tips about how to improve driving, further contributing to greater cutting of operation costs for your fleet, namely less wear and tear of vehicles and fuel savings.

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