In short, it is a solution that brings you multiple savings in operating your fleet:

  • Reducing mileage
  • Avoiding fuel loss
  • Savings on insurance premiums
  • Reducing vehicle wear and tear
  • Lowering administrative burden
  • Increasing work efficiency among staff and vehicle utilization

WEBDISPATCHING cuts your costs right from the beginning. Our unique technological solution allows the mobile unit to read a number of operation parameters (e.g. fuel level in the tank, axle load, temperature in the cargo area) without additional peripherals, so unlike other similar products, you save the cost of additional peripherals and installing them.

Reduce mileage

  • Clearly makes a distinction between private and business trips
  • Allows full control over who drives and where the driver goes

Avoid fuel loss

  • Real time checking of fuel level in the tank
  • Any sudden loss of fuel in the tank clearly indicates tampering

Save on insurance premiums

  • You can get a significant discount from your insurance company on premiums if you use WEBDISPATCHING
  • Please remember that you have to apply for the discount before you enter into a leasing agreement

Reduce vehicle wear and tear

  • Excellent overview of the driving styles of all drivers
  • Able to track many vehicle operation parameters to prevent serious defects

Lower your administrative burden

  • Automatically generates a travel log, including compliance with all legislative requirements
  • Automatically calculates subsistence allowances, reimbursements and private trips as part of employee income, etc.

Increase work efficiency among staff and vehicle utilization

  • Full real-time overview of current vehicle locations
  • Optimizes routes, vehicle utilization and machinery


WEBPISPATCHING is for anyone who has at least one company vehicle and wants to reduce their operating costs significantly, mainly through WEBDISPATCHING's unique features.

A brief list of firms and companies that currently use WEBDISPATCHING can be found here.


WEBDISPATCHING's cornerstone is a "mobile unit" that is mounted in each vehicle. This unit is capable of using GPS data to determine a car's position and send this information using a mobile network operator to a central server. Data about position and time is loaded into the WEBDISPATCHING application here. This information is "entered" into the map.


You, by using a web browser, can monitor the position of any vehicle.

But this is only the beginning of what WEBDISPATCHING can do.

In fact, more data can be sent by the mobile network operator than just location and time. The central server also receives information such as fuel level in the tank, the driver steering the vehicle, axle load, temperature in the cargo area, etc.

The WEBDISPATCHING application itself will then provide you with different statistical summaries and evaluations and allow you directly from the application to manage your vehicle fleet to optimize routes, etc.

Information about putting WEBDISPATCHING's services into place can be found here.