Passenger cars

Passenger cars

Reducing mileage, fuel consumption and vehicle wear

  • Clear distinction between business and private trips
  • Monitoring of the vehicle's tank to provide clear summaries of fuel consumption, preventing any tampering with the fuel
  • Statistical reports on individual driving styles
  • Overview of a vehicle's technical condition (based on data from an onboard diagnostic system) prevents serious breakdowns.

Instant overview of the current locations of all cars

  • More effective utilization of individual vehicles and staff capacity
  • Increases the effectiveness of your company's management processes - allows a summary of vehicle movements to be determined at no additional cost (e.g. through telecommunications), where staff members are currently located and what activities are being done; the same information can also be provided retroactively through statistical reports

Cutting administrative costs of operating a fleet

  • Automatic generation of travel logs in compliance with current legislation
  • Automated calculations (charges for private trips, meal allowances, etc.)