Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

Monitoring of agricultural machinery gives users an overview of the work performed, such as the hectares worked on individual land units or hours of driver work.

The user imports records from the LPIS system into WEBDISPEČINK and, thanks to the monitoring of the movement of the machines and the chipping of the tools used, the system is able to process data on how many hectares have been cultivated in which field.

Total actions on land unit

The user can also keep track of the crops grown on the individual land units, which makes it easier for him to work, for example, with the map view, where each crop has its own color. The user can also see where the machine was at a certain moment, the way the machine was moving, the way the soil was cultivated, the speed at which the machine was moving. It is also possible to measure manually, for example, the remaining area to be cultivated on the soil unit.

Remaining area to be cultivated on the soil unit

Webdispečink thus allows:

  • Linking the application with the LPIS land register
  • Automatic identification of connected equipment
  • Possibility to record crops on soil blocks
  • Perfect overview of consumption thanks to CAN BUS connection or external flow meter
  • Monitoring the fuel level in the vehicle's tank and avoiding unauthorized fuel tempering
  • Accurate records of work done for individual fields, machines, drivers, periods in hectares
  • Recording the work of individual drivers
  • Detection of downtime or "unauthorized work"
  • Playback of journeys (method of cultivation of soil blocks including speed)