Electronic log book

Electronic log book

Record every ride. With our electronic logbook, you have a constant overview of your vehicles. Thanks to a mobile unit mounted in the vehicle, the logbook is created automatically, eliminating the need for drivers to fill in a paper logbook manually.

Benefits of an electronic logbook:

  • The logbook is created automatically
  • The logbook is truthful
  • The logbook is accurate
  • Option to print and export logbook data
  • Possibility of sending the logbook to email addresses
  • Distinction between private and business journeys
  • Time saving
  • Option to fill in the purpose of the journey
  • Possibility of recording additional data such as the fuel level in the tank, consumption, average speed in driving, ...
  • Logbook management is also available for low-emission vehicles (battery and plug-in hybrid)

All you need is a computer, phone or tablet with internet access and you can conveniently view your driving information at any time.

You can view individual journeys on the map and, if necessary, edit the information in the logbook - driver's name, type of journey (private/business), purpose of the journey, ...

Electronic logbook