Freight vehicles

Freight vehicles

Reducing mileage, fuel consumption and vehicle wear

  • Monitoring of the vehicle's tank to provide clear summaries of fuel consumption, preventing any tampering with the fuel
  • Statistical reports on individual driving styles
  • Overview of a vehicle's technical condition (based on data from an onboard diagnostic system) prevents serious breakdowns.

Real time overview of the location and condition of cargo and vehicles

  • Real-time overview of current locations and movement of all vehicles makes it easy to choose the most suitable vehicle for new jobs
  • Instant overview of axle loads, temperature in the cargo area, trailer disconnection/connection and other parameters important for successfully completing any job
  • WEBDISPATCHING can plan a complete route for a job and automatically optimize it
  • WEBDISPATCHING allows the status and filling of orders to be tracked
  • Laid out and optimized routes, including all details and descriptions of individual tasks, can be sent to a driver's navigation system at the click of a mouse
  • You save telecommunications costs - contact drivers directly through WEBDISPATCHING, where the driver uses screen navigation to communicate

Checking compliance with AETR driving rules

  • A summary of current and past driver activities can be checked in compliance with legislative requirements