Mobile unit

Mobile unit

The entire WEBDISPEČINK service is based on the mobile unit. It is used to collect and send all the necessary information from the vehicle.


A Vetronics mobile unit must be installed in all vehicles(unit types here) to be included into the WEBDISPEČINK system.

The mobile unit processes and sends signals from GPS (global positioning system - this system is used, for example, by on-board navigation units or mobile phone navigation) satellites. This makes it possible to monitor the exact position of the vehicle in real time (location, speed, direction of movement, altitude, and the like).

The mobile unit is also connected to the vehicle's system bus, from where it retrieves various operational information (fuel level in the tank, energy level in the battery, axle load, temperature in the transport compartment, diagnostic messages, etc.), which the unit then processes and sends to the WEBDISPEČINK. If required, additional sensors with specialized functions can be connected to the mobile unit.

Sending information to the WEBDISPEČINK app is done via the mobile operator's network. The data is sent to the central server of the WEBDISPEČINK app using the SIM card and the transmitter in the mobile unit via the mobile operator's network. The data is then processed and stored here.



The unit is designed for fixed installation in the vehicle using a cable bundle. The unit is designed for trucks, vans and cars.

The new generation of Vetronics 820 units uses more advanced components than the previous generation and also brings many improvements:

  • The unit has a lower power consumption, so there is no need to worry about draining the vehicle battery.
  • The unit supports CAN bus status detection, which allows vehicle wake-up detection even on modern vehicles.
  • The Vetronics 820 also has an altimeter for accurate altitude measurement.
  • Last but not least, the Vetronics 820 has more RAM and is thus better prepared for new functionalities.

Important notification: The unit is equipped with a 2G modem only. Once the 2G networks are shut down, as happened in early 2023 in Switzerland, the unit will not be able to transmit data to the server and the data will not be available to the user. For this reason, a newer variant of the unit, the Vetronics 870, has been developed with a 4G modem.

MOBILE UNIT Vetronics 820
Vetronics 820 Product List



The unit is designed for fixed installation in the vehicle using a cable harness, similar to the Vetronics 820 unit. The big advantage of the Vetronics 870 unit, however, is the 4G module, thanks to which you are also prepared for the shutdown of 2G networks. You won't be forced to change units for this reason in the future.

Technical Specifications



We also offer customers the Vetronics 845 DONGLE FULL portable unit. We have designed it to make it as comfortable as possible for you to use. Installation of the Vetronics 845 is simple, by plugging it into the OBD II connector, which is usually located under the dashboard of the vehicle. The unit is designed for vans and cars.

With the Dongle full, telemetry data can be read from the OBD ? connector (on-board computer), especially the fuel tank level and odometer status. Data is sent to the servers via an integrated SIM card with global traffic.

MOBILE UNIT - Vetronics 845
Vetronics 845 Manual and Technical Specifications



This unit is deliberately designed in the shape of a crucible. It is placed in the beverage holder in the vehicle, and to install it you only need to connect it to an electricity source, which is provided by a cable to the USB or "cigarette lighter" of the vehicle. A large button on the unit allows you to enter the driving mode (private/business). The disadvantage of the unit is that it does not read any data from the vehicle bus (fuel level, odometer or other) by default.

Technical Specifications


EW OBU 850

The unit is designed for trucks and is unique in that it handles both toll collection (EETS) and telematics services. The unit can be used in the WEBDISPEČINK system, but also in the new EW TELEMATICS system.

The EW OBU 850 is placed on the windscreen of the truck. The driver can see the color display and control the unit using the buttons. The unit can be installed in two ways:

  1. Basic connection to 24/12V socket/cigarette lighter. Installation can be done by the user.
  2. Fixed installation - reading of all vehicle operating variables thanks to the connection of the FMS vehicle bus and the tachograph. In this case, professional installation is required.