Webdispečink allows you to track the movement and location of semi-trailers, including information on which tractor unit the semi-trailer is coupled to. This information is obtained by automatic Bluetooth communication between the GPS unit on the vehicle and the TRAILER ID identifier mounted on the trailer.

TRAILER ID identifier

Another way to identify the semi-trailer is by a chip in the semi-trailer's electrical wiring. When the driver connects it after coupling the semi-trailer, it is automatically identified. There is also the option of identification via the WD Fleet 3D mobile app, where the driver manually connects the trailer.

Change status of semi-trailer

All these identification methods result in the user seeing connected and disconnected trailers on the map.

Map of connected and disconnected trailers

Or in clear reports.

Semi-trailer location

Webdispečink thus allows users to: :

  • Know the position of both connected and free-standing semi-trailers
  • Know the length of the connection for a specific vehicle
  • Record the distance travelled with a semi-trailer
  • Get alerted to scheduled semi-trailer tasks, typically servicing after a certain distance has been travelled