WD Driver mobile application

WD Driver mobile application


Driver and crew identification

WD Driver is a mobile app designed for drivers and vehicle crews. Its main purpose is to automatically identify these people using a mobile phone and then add them to the logbook. The identification runs through the communication between the Bluetooth, a mobile phone and a mobile GPS unit installed in the vehicle.


Selecting the type and purpose of the journey

In addition, the application allows you to select the type of journey (private/business) and fill in the purpose of the journey (from a preset list or by the driver entering another purpose of the journey).

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The purposes are then recorded in the logbook for each journey, so it can be easily declared why the vehicle has made the particular journey, for example to an inspection body.


Based on this, you can easily find out in the Webdispatch app what purposes your vehicles are most often used for and calculate the fuel costs.


Guidelines for refueling/recharging and displaying the PIN code of the fuel card

The app can also help drivers find the nearest recommended petrol or charging station. If the driver does not know the PIN code of the fuel card, he/she can easily view it in the app.

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Pocket-size electromobility

Electromobility functions are also supported. The battery state of charge (so-called SoC), vehicle electric range, or the time of vehicle charge at 80 and 100% are displayed. The user thus has the possibility to monitor the current values for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

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The decision is up to you

Therefore, when installing GPS units in vehicles, say goodbye to all hardware peripherals (i.e. switches, Dallas/RFID chips, chip readers or sirens). WD Driver app replaces all of them!

Get the app

The application is now available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. However, this is an additional feature subject to a charge, so please contact our sales representative or technical support.

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In order for everything to work properly, first correctly set up the phones of your crews (in particular, their pairing with the users in the Webdispatch system). We have created a detailed guide for this purpose.

Supported GPS units:

  • Vetronics 760
  • Vetronics 770
  • Vetronics 810
  • Vetronics 820
  • Vetronics 845 (Dongle Full)
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