Transferring data to your applications

Transferring data to your applications

With the ability to transfer data from WEBDISPATCHING to programs you use, effective fleet management steps into another dimension. An opportunity again opens up to cut administrative costs and increase agility in decision-making and company management.

If your firm uses any of the management information systems, data can be transmitted to it from WEBDISPATCHING. Managers thus have data available in the environment they are accustomed to working with and it can be conveniently judged in context with other information.

Similarly, you can "connect" WEBDISPATCHING" to financial or accounting systems, eliminating any further need to manually convert, overwrite or modify anything further.

Data can be easily transmitted to MS Excel and then be worked on, for example, to create a variety of mathematical and financial models, sort individual data, etc.

If necessary, our programmers, in cooperation with your IT specialist or software supplier, are available to you to tailor your WBDISPATCHING outputs to your needs. More information can be found here.