Monitoring operation parameters

Monitoring operation parameters

Additional savings by tracking important operation parameters

Both WEBDISPATCHING hardware and software are designed so that you can monitor in real time (and of course record) important parameters associated with vehicles and their movement.


  • It naturally tracks fuel level in the tank - you can easily detect if there has been tampering with the fuel
  • You can read exact mileage on the odometer, i.e. distance traveled
  • Driving style, which is directly related to vehicle wear and tear, can also be evaluated
  • You can track and record axle loads on all freight vehicles, and have a clear overview of the cargo that is being transported
  • Temperature in the cargo area can similarly be measured - this is important, for example, with shipments that are sensitive to the temperature of the environment
  • Engine RPM can also be evaluated so it can be easily determined how long the engine has actually been running
  • You can also track driving with cruise control, for example
  • By monitoring fluid temperature and ventilation system status and displaying error messages reporting automobile diagnostics, serious vehicle breakdowns can often be prevented.

Many of these parameters can be directly read by the WEBDISPATCHING mobile unit, saving you the cost of additional sensors and installing them.