Technological solutions

Technological solutions

WEBDISPATCHING - a comprehensive high-tech system

WEBDISPATCHING's state-of-the-art technology is your guarantee of maximum savings and convenience.

A mobile unit mounted in your vehicle is the result of development and production by one of the world leaders in navigation and communications applications in the field of transport telematics and electronic toll collection, Princip a.s., a Czech company. This high-tech mobile unit with a fast and powerful processor can directly read many operation parameters without the need for additional sensors.
More information about the mobile unit and how it works in WEBDISPATCHING can be found here.

A software extension - the WEBDISPATCHING application itself - works without anything being installed, everything is entirely done by a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome) and an Internet connection. The application can even be run on computers with very low power.

A number of features included in the application allow you to manage your vehicle fleet quickly, efficiently and easily.

And more: WEBDISPATCHING data outputs can easily be transferred to any program you are using (MS Excel, accounting software, management and control systems).

If you are looking for a robust, technologically advanced and sophisticated solution for managing your fleet, you will certainly appreciate WEBDISPATCHING.