Technological solutions

Technological solutions

The technological sophistication of WEBDISPEČINK guarantees you maximum savings and maximum comfort.

The mobile unit, placed in the vehicle, comes from the development and production of one of the world leaders in the field of navigation and communication applications for transport telematics and electronic toll, the Czech company, Princip a.s. Technologically advanced mobile units with a fast and powerful processor can directly read many operational parameters without the need for additional sensors. For more information about the mobile units and their features, please click here.

The software superstructure - the WEBDISPEČINK application itself - works without any installation, only an internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome) and an internet connection are sufficient for its operation. The many features included in the app allow you to manage your fleet quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

What's more: the outputs (data) from WEBDISPEČINK can be easily transferred to any program you use (MS Excel, accounting programs, management and control systems). Information systems can also be connected to the available API interface of the WEBDISPEČINK system.

If you are looking for a robust, technologically advanced and sophisticated solution for managing your fleet, then you will appreciate WEBDISPEČINK.