wd fileagent

wd fileagent

WD FileAgent ensures automatic downloading of files from the vehicle tachograph archive and driver card archive stored on the Webdispečink server. It saves the files to a directory defined by you, for example, input folders of external third-party applications (TAGRA, and the like) while ensuring smooth and error-free downloading of all these files from Webdispečink without any user participation.

New files check and their download from Webdispečink is carried out at regular 30-minute intervals. Downloaded files with the ".ESM" extension are renamed to the ".DDD" extension and then stored in a user-defined directory.

Manually, files can be downloaded instantly or repeatedly over a certain time interval.

Logging and recording of the history of downloaded files or errors (e.g. network failure, absence of target storage, etc.) runs during the operation of the application.

Windows 10 and macOS operating systems are supported for the purpose of installation. Use of the application is subject to the license terms and conditions and requires the entry of a license code. To use it, please contact our sales or support department at webdispecink@eurowag.com.