The WEBDISPATCHING application is basically "the brains" of the service. It collects all data sent by mobile units in individual vehicles and processes them in various ways:

  • Displaying vehicle locations on a map in real time
  • Up-to-date reviews - e.g. day's history, costs, points driven
  • Statistical reports - e.g. fuel consumption, vehicle use and driver statistics, vehicle's technical condition, trip inspections, etc.

In addition to these applications, WEBDISPATCHING also contains many useful tools such as route optimization, documents, dispatch sheets, calculation of travel reimbursements, subsistence allowances, etc.

These tools bring you additional savings, especially more efficient vehicle and driver utilization and a fall in your company's administrative load with the automation of some tasks.

WEBDISPATCHING does not itself have to be installed; all you need is an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and a connection to the Internet. There are no special hardware demands, and it runs smoothly even on less powerful computers.

Even though WEBDISPATCHING offers a wide range of different functions for efficient fleet management, it may happen in specific cases that you will need the application to be tailored to meet your requirements. More information can be found here.